Bihar Boy, Who Quit High-paying Job For BPSC, Secures 6th Rank In CCE 2023

Asim Khan got 115th rank on his first attempt.

Asim Khan passed the BPSC exam on his first attempt and was appointed Assistant Director.

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) on Monday declared the BPSC 68th final result for the Combined Competitive Examination (CCE) 2023. This year, the Commission has shortlisted 322 candidates for different services and positions.

Out of the total number of candidates, Asim Khan, a resident of Bihar’s Kaimur district, has brought glory to his hometown by securing sixth place in the BPSC 68th Final Examination 2023. There is a festive atmosphere at his home and people are congratulating Asim Khan on his achievement. When he first attempted the BPSC 67th exam, he secured 115th rank. However, this time he passed the BPSC 68th exam and was ranked sixth, earning the position of Sub Registrar.

While speaking to News18, Asim Khan’s uncle Afzal Khan, who is a teacher by profession, said that he is continuously receiving congratulatory messages from relatives and friends.

Asim Khan told the portal that he was appointed Assistant Director after scoring 115th in the BPSC exam on his first attempt. This time, after placing sixth in the BPSC 68th, he is pleased to have been appointed Sub Registrar in Bihar. He stated that his grandfather Ishtiaq Khan played an important role in this success.

Asim Khan further revealed that his father had also become a Sub Inspector after passing the BPSC exam but on the first attempt. Following this, his two uncles became police officers, and other family members work as teachers, professors, lawyers in the Delhi High Court, and managers at Tata. So, he was inspired to move forward and do well from the comfort of his own home.

Before appearing for the BPSC 68th exam, Asim Khan had a job but he quit to pursue his studies and remained busy with preparation. He started working for a private company in 2017. After working for 5 years, he quit his high-paying job and began preparing for the BPSC exam. “Nobody wants to leave a job once money starts coming in,” Asim Khan said. He thanked his family, who was very supportive at every stage, so success was achieved. However, he aspires to be an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer and is working towards that goal.

Meanwhile, Asim Khan’s grandfather, Ishtiaq Khan, told the media that members of his family work in a variety of roles, including government officers and employees. He explained that despite being a farmer, he was concerned about education from the start, which is why three of his sons are police officers, one is a teacher and one is a professor. Now even grandchildren have achieved success by following in their elders’ footsteps, which makes him more happy.

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