Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum Is Nearly 40% Off

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Dyson’s line of iconic cordless stick vacuums promises powerful suction in surprisingly agile tools. But if you’ve ever thought you could benefit from a Dyson stick vac with a larger bin capacity or cleaning head, there exists such a coveted invention — and it’s on sale for 37% off right now at Amazon.

The Dyson Outsize has 90% more power than the brand’s V8 model, according to the company, and boasts a dustbin that’s 150% larger and a cleaner head that’s 25% wider than that of the V11, which makes it a perfect option for larger homes or households with lots of furry family members.

It also has all the features that make a Dyson one of the most well-known names in vacuum cleaners. For one, the whole machine is filtered with an advanced HEPA system to trap 99.99% of particles, leaving you with not just cleaner floors, but cleaner air, too.

If pet or human hair has been a difficult thing for your previous vacuum to adequately tackle, know the Outsize uses an extra large and unique cleaning head that’s able to deep clean all floor types, as well as a hair screw tool that detangles wrapped long hair as it cleans, preventing those annoying pesky bird’s nests. Plus, the four included cleaning tools provide versatility for cleaning car upholstery, furniture, stairs and more.

Take advantage of this impressive sale, or can keep reading to see why others are pleased they made the investment.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“We already have a V7 Animal and one of the balls… this thing blows them both away! The battery lasts many times longer than the v7, of course, and the battery remaining display is awesome. Definitely more powerful than our Ball. Much better with the tools applications (HATE the hose/reach tool of the Ball!)…If the new one marks as much improvement over this as this has over the others, well, you’re going to pull your carpet off your floors. Definitely glad I grabbed this one, it really is a great vac.” — JLOGIC

“I have two fluffy dogs and a small house. I fill this thing up at least twice while cleaning. So I am glad I got the outsize. It is a little heavy but I am used to heavy vacs – this is my first real stick vac, so I don’t even know what to compare it to in regards to size. I did end up buying a hose extension for it. I feel it will give me more freedom to reach things easier. This thing has drastically changed my life. As dramatic as that sounds. I’ve had it a week and I’ve been on cleaning sprees (which is much needed in my house tbh). I used this to clean my chinchillas cage which is always a chore for me that I put off far longer than I should – this vacuum made it simple! Though I need to be careful with the hay – because I did clog it (just the stick, not the vacuum). But I was 100% testing the capability and didn’t expect it to do well (though I am impressed with how it did). Either way, I am impressed with the smart portion of this too. It will tell you if the airway is blocked or if the canister is too full.” — Mary (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review.)

“We have a Dyson V6 that has been awesome for us for many many years, but we really wanted a second one so there was a vacuum upstairs and one downstairs. I saw this Outsize in person at a warehouse store and knew this would be the one we wanted as the bigger size would speed up the process. The size difference it pretty crazy but it’s good. Yes it heavier but it’s well balanced. The wall mounting system is 100 times better. We can go much longer without needing to empty the bin and the anti hair function works perfectly. We vacuumed our entire house and not a single hair got wrapped around the head. Serious game changer right there. I do wish the head had a light on it but I got an idea with a usb light strip and tiny power bank (update to come). As for sound it has a dual tone to it with the sound of the head motor at a very muffled low frequency and the actual vacuum fan more of a high frequency jet engine (minus the volume). Certainly not unpleasant but still you can’t watch TV with it going on in the background. I prefer the sound of the Outsize over our existing V6 as it is slightly quieter. We’ve never been disappointed with the power of the vacuum our V6 or now our new Outsize… It just does a great job for our 90% carpet floored house. And lastly the quick release battery is a great bonus. That said there really isn’t any reason for us to have multiple batteries. I know in a 3-4yrs when the battery starts to fade it will be a quick and easy replacement. In summary it’s expensive but you are getting a quality product.” — Todd

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