First BT, now another popular broadband supplier announces huge price hikes

‌If you have broadband in your home there’s bad news for bills. BT has already confirmed that it will be hiking prices by 7.9 percent in the spring and now another major supplier has joined the party. Shell Energy, which supplies broadband to hundreds of thousands of homes across the UK, says things will be rising by 6 percent later this year. That means a user currently paying £50 per month could find things going up by around £3 from April 1.

Just like BT and other providers – such as Vodafone and EE – Shell uses the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to decide how much more to charge its customers.

CPI was announced last week and surprised many by going up to 4 percent. Shell them adds anything two percent on top which is why the rise is so big again this year. Each customer will be told soon exactly what their hike will be.

“Your monthly Charges will increase each year on or after 1 April from 2024 by the annual percentage increase in the rate of inflation as measured by Consumer Price Index (CPI) as published by the Office for National Statistics in January of the same year, plus up to 3%,” Shell Energy confirmed in a document posted online.

If you’re not happy about the changes then now is a good time to check your bill. If you are not locked into a contract you should find it’s possible to switch with most ISPs offering discounted rates for new customers. 

Changing suppliers is usually pretty seamless and could end up saving you some serious money over the year. It’s simple maths but clearly the lower your bill is now the less it will go up when the percentage increases hit in the spring.

In a statement, a Shell Energy Broadband spokesperson said: “We work hard to keep our costs down, but unfortunately we experience the same inflationary cost pressures as everyone else. We have kept our 2024 price increase lower than our terms and conditions allow for, and much lower than the current price rise commitments of other providers.”

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