How To Study At IIMs Without Taking The CAT

IIM Ahmedabad offers a pre-MBA statistics course.

The Advanced Digital Transformation Specialisation is an IIM course that helps candidates build advanced strategies and business models.

Getting admission into the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) is a dream of many but appearing for the Common Admission Test (CAT) is another challenge that an aspirant has to face. The CAT examination is a thorough assessment that evaluates a candidate’s aptitude, problem-solving abilities, data interpretation skills and English language proficiency.

On getting high marks in the CAT examination, the candidates are eligible to enrol in different IIMs across the country. However, there are some other ways to get into the IIMs as well which do not require passing the CAT examination.

The IIMs offer several free courses in professional and management fields, while most of the IIM courses are self-paced and some require completion in a specific time frame. Let us take a closer look at the courses in IIMs that one can opt for without taking the CAT exam.

Advanced Digital Transformation Specialisation in IIM Ahmedabad

The Advanced Digital Transformation Specialisation is an IIM course that seeks to help candidates build advanced strategies and business models to leverage digital technologies. This course is open to the students and working professionals from all backgrounds.

Pre-MBA Statistics in IIM Ahmedabad

This course exposes the enrolled candidate to the aspects of descriptive and inferential statistics. One here learns to differentiate between different types of data and describe the different operations you can perform with each type of data and the right tools to use.

People Management in IIM Bangalore

Through the people management program, students are served to learn to become better managers by developing leadership and communication skills. This program is primarily designed to transform first-time managers into good team leaders.

Corporate Finance in IIM Bangalore

With the IIM Bangalore Corporate Finance course, students enrolled in this course will learn the ideas, concepts, and tools used by managers to make sound financial decisions.

Craft Realities: Work, Happiness, and Meaning in IIM Bangalore

This course draws on positive psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and philosophy to guide participants in actively designing their own work experiences. It integrates the input from these diverse fields into a series of lectures and experiential exercises.

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