IIT Delhi Students Make App to Track Blood Donation, Find Scribe Requests for Students

Curated By: Sukanya Nandy

Last Updated: January 15, 2024, 17:02 IST

Through the app, students who want to be NSS volunteers can find relevant projects and participate in the same (File Photo)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) of IIT Delhi has launched an in-house-developed mobile app to make volunteering much more accessible to the students

The Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Delhi’s National Service Scheme has developed a mobile application titled NSS IIT Delhi to revolutionise youth engagement and social impact. Through the app, students who want to be NSS volunteers can find relevant projects and participate in them.

“No longer confined by emails/posters, the NSS App is a game-changer. With the help of the App, IIT Delhi students who like to be NSS volunteers can now register, find projects near them, track their volunteer hours, and connect with fellow volunteers – all on a user-friendly platform,” the IIT said in a press release.

The app has made it easier to track Blood Donation requests and scribe requests, so the students can directly see the requests posted and can also look at the location and route through the map integrated into the app itself.

The app has been developed by a team of young NSS volunteers, with help from tech-savvy mentors. “We wanted something simple, accessible, and engaging,” says Abhishek, a student programmer who led the app’s development. “Something that would resonate with our generation and make volunteering an effortless act of kindness,” he added.

“The App’s launch sent ripples across the NSS network at the Institute. Within days, thousands of registrations flooded in, with a 4.9-star rating in Google Play and 5-star in the App store, painting a vibrant digital map of volunteers eager to contribute. The development has been made possible with constant inputs from the Office of the Dean of Students and the Computer Service Centre (CSC), IIT Delhi,” the institute said.

“The App has made volunteering so much more accessible,” shares Sudhanshu, a young student who was amazed at the ease of operation of the App. “I can explore projects happening around me, and it’s so easy to join in and make a difference. I can now see my hours completed in real time… Amazing”.

The app also has a map of the campus with live tracking and the numbers of all the important contacts, like the Institute’s Security Control Room, Hospital, Ambulance, and many more. It has also provided fun hangouts like Rajdhani, night messes, and other outlets at IIT Delhi.

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