Martin Lewis Wi-Fi tips could help boost your broadband for free

We’ve all had frustrating days where we are trying to do important work or watch our favourite TV shows but the Wi-Fi simply can’t keep up. Many of us pay a lot for those broadband connections but don’t always see the speeds we are paying for, leading to maddening disconnections and the dreaded loading wheel spinning around on Netflix.

Martin Lewis, the founder of the successful Money Saving Expert website, addressed these common Wi-Fi issues during The Martin Lewis Money Live programme on ITV earlier this week with a way to work out if you have a problem or not.

“When it comes to your broadband, if you’re not getting the speeds you want you have to check whether it’s what’s coming into your house that isn’t fast enough or if it’s your Wi-Fi box that’s transmitting around your house that isn’t fast enough,” he said.

He explained that if you are experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity or speed issues, it is usually either a problem with your broadband provider, or simply a matter of repositioning your Wi-Fi router.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to check your broadband speed.

“Do a speed test on your computer or phone, see what the speed is using Wi-Fi,” Lewis said. “Then, if you’ve got something you can plug the cable into from your router, do a speed test on that.”

You can download the popular Speedtest app from the tech firm Ookla on Android or iPhone. Make sure you’re connected to your Wi-Fi, then do a speed test. Check if the download speed is what your current broadband contract promises you will receive.

Then, plug an Ethernet cable into a laptop and the other end into your router and do the test using the Speedtest website. If this wired connection speed is a lot faster than the wireless Wi-Fi speed, it probably means the broadband connection to your house is fine, Lewis explained. You can then try to improve your Wi-Fi speeds with his tips.

“Place your Wi-Fi box high, don’t put it in a cupboard – that’s blocking the signal – and don’t have any obstacles near it. All of that could help.”

Sometimes simply moving your router to a better position could solve your Wi-Fi woes. But following these tips can also uncover if you are getting slow speeds to your house – in which case you should contact your Internet Service Provider to find out if there is an issue with your service.

It’s always worth checking you are getting the speeds your ISP promises, particularly as all UK broadband companies will continue to raise prices in line with the Consumer Price Index – newly announced rises hit 4%, and broadband prices could rise by 7% come April. You can also try to shop around to see if there’s a provider who could give you the same service for less money.

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