Morning Docket: 01.02.24

* The answer to the question of whether the fake case citations tussle would be stupid or bad news for Michael Cohen has been answered: bad news for Michael Cohen. But also… how does the lawyer not check random research provided by a client?!? [NPR]

* Steamboat Willie is now public domain… so obviously dumb people are turning it into NFTs. [Cointelegraph]

* Key antitrust questions that the courts could — but inevitably won’t — answer. [Reuters]

* Lawsuit alleges the NFL engaged in strong-arm, monopolistic practices? No, that can’t be! [Courthouse News Service]

* DOJ plans to open the new year with a lot of white-collar guilty pleas. [Bloomberg Law News]

* More than 130 lawyers join Pierson Ferdinand from Fisher Broyles. [American Lawyer]

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