Nicwell Water Flosser Is Less Than $30 On Amazon

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The only thing harder than flossing every day is flossing every day with dental floss. If you hate putting your fingers in your mouth or have trouble with dexterity, swapping to a water flosser may make your daily dental hygiene a little bit easier.

While the Waterpik Aquarius is a popular option, dropping $80 on a flosser can feel like your wallet is having a root canal. To save you money and to keep your gums smile-ready, we found a highly-rated option for half the price.

The Nicwell dental flosser can pulse 1,400-1,800 times a minute with a water pressure of 30-110 pounds per square inch (for comparison’s sake, the Waterpik Aquarius’s pressure is 10-100 PSI). The stronger pressure is great for removing smaller particles in hard-to-reach places in your mouth and the lower pressure can help clean sensitive teeth, as well as stimulate and massage your gums. With four modes (normal, soft, pulse and manual) you can ensure the correct pressure for you, and a dual-thread water stream attacks plaque and build-up. It comes in three color options: black, white and rose gold and white and blue.

Carry-on ready, this baby is cordless and compact, making it perfect for travel or daily use at home. With a waterproof exterior, you can use it in the shower, enjoying the 360-degree rotatable nozzle and five interchangeable jet tips, including a tongue cleaner, for different water dispersion. Users say to ensure you have the tool in your mouth before turning it on (and to turn it off before removing it from your mouth), unless you want to soak your bathroom.

The 200-milliliter water tank can be filled with warm water or mouthwash, and a full charge takes four hours and will last for daily use for about 21 days.

When looking through some of the nearly 4,000 5-star reviews, over 900 mention the word “easy” and many call it a “must-have,“life-saver,”painless” and even good enough to be a gift for a loved one. Reviews say this tool is particularly useful for people with braces, crowns, post-wisdom teeth removal and generally a lot of dental work. (Which the American Dental Association corroborates.)

Starting at $29.99 (different colors cost different prices), it’s a budget-friendly option to hopefully inspire some positive change in your flossing habits to leave your bank account and your pearly whites smiling.

Promising reviews:

“I love, love this portable water flosser. I’ve had a lot of dental work done, including an implant, which makes it hard to floss because there is not much wiggle room between certain teeth. On my last trip to the dentist, she pointed out that a had scarred my gums and I explained it’s because the area is so tight that I have to force the floss in and out. She suggested a get a portable water flosser to use to keep from causing further damage to my gums. I ordered this but wasn’t to sure I would like it. I was amazed how much came out the first time I used it! I tend to get a lot of meat stuck around the area of my dental implant so I floss after eating and it always washes it out with ease. I floss everyday now, and even multiple times a day, compared to flossing 3-5 times a week before purchasing this. I am so glad I bought this. I highly recommend!!” — Marisha Collins

“This is very easy to use and makes a world of difference in oral hygiene. A great alternative if you struggle with traditional floss or dental picks. Its easy to use, has adjustable settings so you can get used to a new routine, and came with multiple sprayer options to find what is comfortable or most practical. Sturdy feel and a pretty sleek design while also comfortable to hold. It’s small enough to travel with but may need to be packed carefully to protect integrity.” — Kindle customer

“I live in a tiny house and don’t have room for the traditional tank water pick. This thing solves the problem easily. Easy to clean, eat to charge, one charge lasts about a week. This is now part of my shower routine. Me and my dentist are thrilled.” — Jen Ren

“Easy to use. Really does the trick to get all around teeth areas. My nephew (13) just got braces and he is surprised by what he misses with just brushing. We are both very happy with our dental flosser. Came very highly recommended by a friend.” — OneB

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